About Us

Our Mission

From the beginning, our mission has been to help High School, Middle school, and Elementary school students develop and improve their public speaking, interview, presentation, and leadership skills. Today, over 95% of the population struggle with speaking in public, and this has been the #1 phobia/fear for children and adults. We hope to combat this phobia by teaching students at an early age the importance of public speaking and leadership. As technology evolves, our commitment will always remain the same: to help students improve their public speaking skills.

Who are we?

We are a group of High School students who have had previous experience with Public Speaking and leadership skills such as attending communication classes at top competitive programs, officers in DECA, Model Congress, Speech and Debate, online leadership seminars, Web, graphic design, and filmmaking experiences! Our officers/tutors are located on Long Island, New York.

Our Officers

Iris Liu

President and Founder

Brayden Chien

Vice President of Education

Abisa Osei-Amankwah 

Co-Vice President of Public Relations

Eileen Shum

Co-Vice President of Public Relations

Roselyn Ho

President of Education

Jing Deng

Secretary of NC Gavel Club

Angela Wu

Vice President of Membership

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