Can I still sign up in the middle of a semester?

Yes! Gavel Club uses the Pathway program. It is an independent learning process for students to practice public speaking. Joining in the middle of a semester will not impact anything of your learning experience.

How do we sign up for roles?

Students may sign up for agenda roles in the google form here. This is completely voluntary and we don’t force anyone to speak in order to create a comfortable environment for the students. It should be noted that you may only register for roles if you have paid the membership fee.

When are the sessions?

  1. ES + MS meetings are every Friday EST 5:30 pm – 6:15 pm unless of special holidays
  2. HS meetings are every first and third Friday of the month EST 7:30 pm – 8:15 pm

What is the mentor program?

The mentor program allows students to become tutors in the gavel club. You must reach the following qualifications: complete the gavel club pathway and sign up for every supporting role at least 4 times (every role except for speakers). If you reach these qualifications, please send a message in the WeChat group or telegram to tell the president that you are ready

What is the Pathway?

The Pathway contains seven different levels that increase in complexity. Each level contains 3 different speeches that students will be presenting in class as the speaker’s role. After each session, an officer will send the pathway using email.

How should I contact the club if I have questions?

You can contact officers through the WeChat group chat, the Telegram group chat, and our email. You can find them on this website, click here.

What should I prepare when I am a speaker?

Once you receive the pathway, you shall follow the instructions on it and write your speech. Then, you can start practice making the speech to your parents or friends to be more comfortable with it. Lastly, you will be presenting your speech to the other students during class sessions. 

What happens if I am absent when I have a role?

Whoever misses their role without telling us a day ahead, will not be allowed to sign up for the following week.

How much do the sessions cost?

  1. All of our sessions are free to watch, however, only students who paid will have the chance to speak and engage in the roles.
  2. ES + MS sessions cost $12 per semester, and there are 8 classes in one semester.
  3. HS sessions cost $2 per month, and classes meet biweekly.

How do I know my role for the week?

The officer will post the agenda for the week in the WeChat group chat and the Telegram group chat. Another way to see the agenda is by looking at this spreadsheet, click here.

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