Welcome to the Nassau County Gavel Club!

Who we are?

The Nassau County Gavel Club is an affiliate with Toastmasters International. We are a group of High School students who want to develop and improve Elementary, Middle, and High school students public speaking, leadership, communication, and presentation skills.


Thank you Niantic Toastmaster for allowing our Vice President of Education, Iris Liu and our Gavel Club Member, Sophia Hao join our meeting! It was an honor speaking there #ncgavelclub

Our Online Classes Schedules:

Elementary and Middle School Students

Every Friday @5:30-6:15pm EST:

Our Friday’s class will be free, however, in order to participate (speak in class) you need to register and pay. Also, you can get a free semester by recommending a friend to join: Click Here for more details and information on how to register and pay. This class cost $12 per semester (each semester is 8 weeks and we meet 1x per week) The semester starts on July 9th. We follow the Pathway Curriculum by Toastmaster’s International, have guest speakers, and host Public Speaking Competitions. The classes are from 5:30 PM to 6:15 PM EST. *Joining after the first week will result paying per class for the remainder of the semester.*

The Zoom code for Friday’s class (below)

Meeting ID: 881 4734 5783

Password: 1234

High School Students

Every other Week of each month @7:30-8:15 EST:

Our Friday’s class will be free, however, in order to participate (speak in class) you need to register and pay. Fees are $2 per month. Click here to register and pay + more details.

The Zoom code/link for Friday’s class (below)

Meeting ID: 845 964 5666
Passcode: 123321

Become a Volunteer / Join our team:

Volunteers will help out during the Elementary and Middle School Gavel Club Classes on Fridays from 5:30 PM to 6:15 PM EST. Volunteers will require around 1 hour and 30 minutes of work every 2 weeks. Furthermore, if you would like to become an officer you will help with the more logistics side of NC Gavel Club. Officers require around 2-4 hours of work each week. Please email us (ncgavelclub@gmail.com) if you are interested.

Senator Anna M. Kaplan Award

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What Parents Say

Thanks for the opportunity to join the Table Topics Contest. John really likes your club. Thank you very much for helping him to improve. 

Thank you and your club officers for organizing this Table Topics Contest. It was really well organized and presented. The speakers did a great job. 

You all are role models to my kids. Guest speakers and Kahoot are all great ideas to motivate my kids.